Encourage students towards research studies, not just engg, medicine: Min Jagadish

Hyderabad, July 8 (): Education Minister G Jagadish Reddy on Monday stressed need for research oriented studies and related ourses and push youth towards that direction to become scientists and professionals.

Participating in a seminar here the minister said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is giving priority to education, research and professional courses. The government will take steps to make the schools become institutions to encourage the students move towards research studies and related courses he said.

Instead of MPC, BPC, Engineering and Medicine courses the parents should encourage their childern towards research studies, related courses as that will have scope to make them scientists and professionals and experts in chosen fields in future.

He asked the parents to avoid pressing their children to opt for only engineering or doctor courses. Instead they can focus on research studies and related courses to become scientists he said.

The minister expressed concerned that India is lagging behind in the world in the list of top 100 nations in research as the Centre and State governments failed to take any initiative in this regard he said.

Jagadish Reddy suggested the seminar to shift focus on research oriented courses to ensure that the government take steps to see that the schooling system adopts the syllabus to ensure the students show interest on research studies.

TSCHE Chairman Papi Reddy, Education secretary B Janardhan Reddy, commissioner Navin Mittal and others attended the seminar.

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