KCR holds review on RTC row, political parties support strike

Hyderabad October 6: Chief Minister  K Chandrasekhar Rao Sunday held a key review meeting on RTC Strike.

While the RTC Union leaders did not agree to call off strike on second day despite warning of losing jobs.

KCR Government has taken alternative measures to transport people to travel homes in districts. 
At Pragati Bhavan KCR called a meeting with officials to address the problem crested by RTC strike to people.

KCR government is operating private buses which failed to help people during Dasara festival to travel their homes.

The RTC staff got political parties support to the strike.

KCR is said to have agreed to call RTC staff and union to hold talks. 
The chief minister has expressed displeasure at the staff for the strike. The RTC staff seeking 26 demands including merger and PRC. 
 The government us not ready to accept the same and ready for others leading to continuation of stalemate. 
The government made some alternative arrangements using private buses though people are not happy and seething on it and the RTC. 

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