TRS suppressing BCs, alleges V Hanmanth Rao

Hyderabad Dec 15 ():Congress senior leader V Hanmanth Rao on Saturday criticised that the TRS istrying to suppress backward classes in the polls. Talking to press persons atGandhi Bhavan he said that BC leaders in all political parties should work forgetting proportionate representation in legislature and local bodies. A meetingof BCs will soon be conducted on the issue. The TRS Government should offerreservations to the BCs proportionately he demanded.

He also asked the rulingparty to conduct an Assembly session and discuss on the BC issues and give thempriority in politics too. The BC congress leaders should make efforts and conductprotests to achieve their goals Rao added.

Another leader Ponnam Prabhakar said that the Congress will form committees for panchayat polls. Let us not afraid of the defeat in the polls and get ready for panchayat and LS polls he said.

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